Multimode squeezing and quantum correlations of dissipative Kerr solitons in optical microresonators

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Kerr soliton microcombs are phase-locked frequency combs generated in a microresonator via a third-order optical nonlinearity. Since their first demonstration, soliton microcombs have found applications in spectroscopy, LiDAR, communications, and convolutional processing. Experimental studies of soliton microcombs have also revealed a wealth of interesting nonlinear dynamics, and fundamental research on the classical dynamics continues to-date. This thesis is divided into two parts: (I) the modeling and experimental observation of quantum processes in multimode nonlinear photonics; and (II) the engineering of silicon carbide-on-insulator (SiCOI) integrated photonics for nonlinear and quantum technologies. Part I is general to all Kerr integrated photonics platforms. However, in experimental realizations, the choice of photonics platform matters, not only because of a variation among materials in the raw strength of the nonlinearity but also because of additional properties that influence device engineering and ultimate performance. The development of the SiCOI nonlinear photonics platform enabled the experimental quantum optics demonstrations of this thesis, and will be the focus of Part II.


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Author Guidry, Melissa
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Thesis advisor Safavi-Naeini, Amir
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Degree committee member Safavi-Naeini, Amir
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