Flow reactor study of oxidation of dimethyl ether and methane binary mixtures at intermediate temperatures

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Oxygenated fuels, such as dimethyl ether (DME), are hydrocarbon fuels with oxygen incorporated in the fuel molecule. These fuels can be made from a variety of feedstocks, and a major advantage is their ability to reduce the formation of soot. This makes them particularly well suited for use in Diesel engines, in addition to power generation and utility fuel applications. The combustion chemistry of oxygenated fuels is not well understood, motivating the present study. As the simplest ether, DME oxidation chemistry is present in the oxidation of all larger oxygenates. In this work, the pre-ignition oxidation chemistry of DME was investigated under vitiated conditions in a variable pressure flow reactor (VPFR) facility at a temperature of 1200 K and pressures of 1-2 atm for six different DME and DME-methane mixtures. The study of DME-methane mixtures was motivated by the role of methane as a major reaction intermediate in DME oxidation. An existing reaction mechanism for DME oxidation was updated based on recent literature developments, and a one-dimensional mixing-reacting modeling approach was used to describe the reacting flow. Measured species time histories are in good agreement with the proposed model. Validation of the reaction mechanism against experimental data reported elsewhere in the literature shows reasonable agreement. The effects of equivalence ratio, pressure and methane addition, as well as weak points in the present description of DME oxidation kinetics are discussed.


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