Destandardizing the standard (s) : ideological and implementational spaces in preservice teacher education

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New teachers and teacher education programs in the US are expected to be culturally and linguistically responsive to the ever-diversifying demographic landscape of public schools. However, professional and content standards still rely on categories and language conceptions that are rigid, static or, at best, ambiguous, such as "English Language Learners" or "Standard English." This interpretive dissertation engages with this intellectual and practical tension from a dual perspective, Language Anthropology and Language Policy. First, a California policy document (the Teaching Performance Expectations, TPEs) is analyzed to identify language conceptions and their process of textual construction. Then, successive empirical chapters identify how student teachers and teacher preparation instructors endorse and counter linguistic ideologies in order to reappropriate and contextualize the target policy. Ultimately, it is argued that educators can use their agency to construct alternative ideological spaces that encompass dynamic and fluid notions of language. Such "heteroglossic ideological and implementational spaces" (Flores and Schissel, 2013) are emancipatory for both educators and students and sustain the language practices of minoritized populations.


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Author Muñoz-Muñoz, Eduardo Rafael
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