Building the Mothership: “School Bussing” on Public Transportation

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This thesis is about the beautiful youth of San Francisco, specifically the youth of Sunnydale and Bayview-Hunters Point. It amplifies their voices, brilliance, and experiences taking public transportation to and from school.

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This thesis was finished during the 2020 Pandemic COVID 19. The author finished it under great duress and personal struggle. The author finished it while watching the world finally acknowledge the cries of Black and Brown folks around the world.

Black Lives Matter. Love Heals All. Change Must Come. Listen. Empower. Envision. Dream. Share. Speak. Stand. Sing. Be You. Love Difference. See HUMANITY.

Thank you for your time <3


Type of resource text
Date created January 2019 - June 2020


Author Marquez, Lauren Elizabeth
Primary advisor Shanks, Michael


Subject Science Technology and Society
Subject education
Subject students
Subject Stanford University
Subject racism
Subject school
Subject mothership
Subject mothership connection
Subject P-Funk
Subject Parliament Funkadelic
Subject Parliament Funk
Subject Afrofuturism
Subject bussing
Subject gentrification
Subject white flight
Subject urban renewal
Subject Japanese
Subject Fillmore
Subject Sunnydale
Subject Bayview-Hunters Point
Subject Bayview
Subject San Francisco
Subject Black Lives Matter
Subject Black
Subject white
Subject Latin
Subject Chinese
Subject Filipino
Subject Elderly
Subject Children
Subject Mothers
Subject User Interface
Subject design
Subject love
Subject empathy
Subject empowerment
Subject adolescent development
Subject youth
Subject music
Subject singing
Subject voice
Subject elderly
Subject senior citizen
Subject generational divide
Subject culture
Subject cultural understanding
Subject cultural competence
Subject code switching
Subject mixed kids
Subject mixed children
Subject mixed
Subject multicultural
Genre Thesis

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Related Publication Chin, Sharon. “Inclusive Club Blends Special Education With General Student Classes.” CBS San Francisco, CBS San Francisco, 16 Mar. 2016,
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Marquez, Lauren Elizabeth (2020). Building the Mothership: “School Bussing” on Public Transportation. Unpublished Honors Thesis. Stanford University, Stanford CA.


Stanford University, Program in Science, Technology and Society, Honors Theses

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