Market Concentration, Earnings and Turnover: No-Poaching Clauses in the Quick Service Restaurant Industry

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I analyze the impact of Quick Service Restaurant franchisors’ no-poaching clauses on historical employee earnings and turnover for the Restaurants and Other Eating Places industry. I examine the 41 largest Quick Service Restaurant franchisors and the labor markets of 10 major U.S. cities over 11 years from 2006 to 2016. No-poaching clauses restrict intra-franchisor movement of employees and, if in use, can be found in a brand’s franchise disclosure documents. I create a panel dataset using no-poaching agreements data, industry data on earnings and turnover, and business establishments’ employment data. Using a panel regression with fixed city and time effects, I determine that no-poaching clauses have an insignificant effect on turnover but do exhibit a statistically significant effect on earnings. Specifically, a 25 percent increase in market concentration related to no-poaching agreements results in a 2-6 percent decrease in average monthly earnings, depending on employment status, age, and education level.


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Date created May 3, 2019


Author Tejeda, Manuel David


Subject Department of Economics
Subject No-Poaching Clauses
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