Rewriting the mammalian genome : a user's guide

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In this dissertation, I embark on an explorative journey to unravel the complexities and unlock the potential of "rewriting the mammalian genome." This odyssey commences with a philosophical reflection on the questions that first inspired me towards this pursuit and an exploration of the current landscape of site-specific engineering technologies, tracing both their origins and evolution (Chapter 1). This is followed by an examination of the successes and challenges I have encountered in trying to apply these tools to "rewrite the mammalian genome" both ex vivo (Chapter 2) and in vivo (Chapter 3). Leveraging insights I have gained from my experience with both approaches, I amalgamate them into something new (Chapter 4). Along the way I also outline hurdles posed by both innate cellular (Chapter 2) and adaptive immune systems (Chapter 5) to "rewriting the mammalian genome" as well as potential avenues to overcome them. Finally, the narrative culminates in a distillation of the work I have performed and the lessons I have learned along the way to outline a comprehensive framework by which I believe "rewriting of the mammalian genome" can be achieved (Chapter 6). The dissertation encapsulates work conducted across various fields, emphasizing the lessons I have learned in my endeavor to "rewrite the mammalian genome." It offers reflections and insights into the complexities, challenges, and triumphs encountered in my quest to push the frontiers of genetic engineering in mammals, charting a course to fully realize the immense potential that "rewriting of the mammalian genome" holds.


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Author Charlesworth, Carsten
Degree supervisor Nakauchi, Hiromitsu, 1952-
Thesis advisor Nakauchi, Hiromitsu, 1952-
Thesis advisor Porteus, Matthew H
Thesis advisor Qi, Lei, (Professor of Bioengineering)
Thesis advisor Sebastiano, Vittorio
Degree committee member Porteus, Matthew H
Degree committee member Qi, Lei, (Professor of Bioengineering)
Degree committee member Sebastiano, Vittorio
Associated with Stanford University, School of Medicine
Associated with Stanford University, Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine


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Statement of responsibility Carsten Charlesworth.
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Thesis Thesis Ph.D. Stanford University 2024.

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