Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 030: Andrew of Saint-Victor OSA, Commentary on the Heptateuch, Commentary on the Minor Prophets. Bede the Venerable, Commentary on Proverbs. Jerome, Commentary on Ecclesiastes

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The main contents of CCCC MS 30 are commentaries on books of the Old Testament by the Augustinian canon, Andrew of Saint-Victor (c. 1110-75). Although English, he entered the Parisian abbey of Saint-Victor, but returned to England as abbot of Wigmore 1147-55 and again 1161-3, returning to Paris for the period 1155-61. This manuscript is one of the very few which contain these commentaries. In addition to Andrew's works, the book contains Bede's commentary on Proverbs and Jerome's on Ecclesiastes.
Commentary on the Heptateuch -- Commentary on Kings -- Dossier -- De temporum ratione (excerpt) -- Etymologiae (excerpt from book 5, chapters 37-38) -- Commentary on Proverbs and Ecclesiastes -- Commentary on Proverbs -- Commentary on Ecclesiastes -- Commentary on the Minor Prophets


Alternative title Andreas Victorinus in Heptateuchum et XII Prophetas. Beda super Parabolas. Hieronymus in Ecclesiasten
Type of resource mixed material
Extent ff. 245 + 4
Date created [ca. 1200 - 1299]
Language Latin
Material Vellum
Layout double columns of 43 lines
Height (mm) 357
Width (mm) 240
Collation 4 flyleaves, 1(8)-20(8) (5 canc.) 21(8)-20(8), 31(6) .
Writing very well written
Foliation ff. i-vi + 1-245 + vii-viii
Provenance Perhaps from Coggeshall Priory in Essex. On the middle of f. iir in large red letters is a title not unlike those which occur in other Coggeshall books: ¶ Historica expositio Andree super Eptaticum et super Regum et super Paralipomenon et super parabolas et Ecclesiasten ¶ Et Beda super parabolas ¶ Jeronimus super ecclesiasten ¶ Andreas super xii prophetas. But on the same page in black ink xv or xvi is a scratched out mark B. 63. Such a mark sometimes points to Norwich.
2 fo. dicendo lucem

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M.R. James Date xiii
Downloadable James Catalogue Record
Superseded Interim Catalogue Record
TJames 144
Stanley M. 9
Location MS 030
Repository UK, Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, Parker Library

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