TR023: Barriers to CADD in the AEC Industry

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This paper outlines the major findings from this research project. The paper first discusses how inadequate planning and analysis of reasons for acquiring CADD have hindered implementation. Next, the paper analyzes how client requirements and the redistribution of engineering costs and benefits affect the implementation process. Then, financing considerations are considered followed by an analysis of how key individuals and organizational staffing and training impact CADD implementation. Finally, the paper focuses on behavioral and legal barriers to CADD in the AEC and the paper closes with conclusions and recommendations for managerial actions in CADD implementation.


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Date created January 1990


Author Mahoney, John J.
Author Tatum, C. Bob


Subject CIFE
Subject Center for Integrated Facility Engineering
Subject Stanford University
Subject Barriers to CADD Adoption
Subject Computer-Aided Design
Genre Technical report

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