An Analysis of The Indian Solar Experiment

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The Indian government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a target to reach 100GW of solar power by the year 2022. Currently, India produces less than 15GW of solar power. This means that India needs to increase its solar output nearly seven fold: growth so rapid that it seems implausible, but cannot be ruled out as impossible. This rapid planned expansion of solar energy is known as the Indian solar initiative. In order to better analyze the future of the Indian solar initiative this thesis will examine three case studies: the first the demonetization movement of 2016, the second a comparison of India’s most successful solar parks, and the third, the China-India trade relationship. Each three of these case studies can teach something new as it applies to the solar initiative. This paper will attempt to broadly conclude that the solar experiment, while on track and currently poised for success at the 100GW solar target, the initiative will require that the trade relationship with China remain constant, that federal oversight is matched with corporate involvement, and that, above all, the price of solar power remains affordable. Additionally, while this thesis argues in the demonetization case study that the Modi Administration has the ability to take unprecedented action when deemed ‘necessary’ on projects of large size and scale, that the administration is not adequately equipped to handle the extremely difficult implementation costs that exist for projects of this scale. These are a few of the factors that can elucidate some clarity on the future of the Indian solar experiment, and that will be explored in the chapters below.


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Author Montgomery, Molly
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