N2.07 Spahr 2017 ReNUWIt Annual Meeting Poster

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1) Urban stormwater provides great potential to augment urban water supplies, but stormwater pollutants can cause groundwater contamination
2) Different types and configurations of geomedia will be investigated to remove priority pollutants prior to groundwater recharge
3) Objectives of this study: (a) develop geomedia-based stormwater treatment systems for reliable removal of pollutants, (b) identify design parameters and management criteria for full-scale stormwater harvesting projects


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Date created May 2017


Author Spahr, Stephanie
Author Teixido-Planes, Marc
Author Ashoori, Negin
Author Sedlak, David
Author Luthy, Richard


Subject Re-inventing the Nation’s Urban Water Infrastructure
Subject ReNUWIt
Subject N2.07
Subject Natural Water Infrastructure Systems
Subject Smart managed aquifer recharge technologies (SMART)
Subject California
Subject Rory M. Shaw Wetlands Stormwater Capture

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Spahr, S., Teixido-Planes, M., Ashoori, N., Sedlak, D. L., & Luthy, R. G. (2017). N2.07 Spahr 2017 ReNUWIt Annual Meeting Poster. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at: https://purl.stanford.edu/kk987nw5252


Re-inventing the Nation's Urban Water Infrastructure (ReNUWIt)

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