TR099: IRTMM Value Analysis Module

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We describe the Value Analysis Module (VA), which is part of the Intelligent Real Time Maintenance Management (IRTMM) project. The VA uses a decision-analytic approach to study the maintenance decision-making in a conventional steam power plant. Wc used two test cases from Southern California Edison (SCE) to validate the VA. In addition, a simulator was built to investigate the problem of scheduling multiple maintenance activities. The second half of this report studies three test cases from Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). The results show that the VA can handle individual maintenance activity very well. However, there are some problems remaining. A discussion of them and the implications for future research is presented at the end of this report.


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Date created August 1994


Author Lin, Shouh-Dauh
Author Kunz, John
Author Teicholz, Paul


Subject CIFE
Subject Center for Integrated Facility Engineering
Subject Stanford University
Subject Intelligent Real Time Maintenance Management
Subject IRTMM
Subject Maintenance Decision-Making
Subject Value Analysis Module
Genre Technical report

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Related Publication Kunz, John and Jin, Yan and Levitt, Raymond E. and Lin, Shouh-Dauh and Teicholz, Paul. (1995). TR100: The Intelligent Real-Time Maintenance Management (IRTMM) System: Support for Integrated Value-Based Maintenance Planning. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at:
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Lin, Shouh-Dauh and Kunz, John and Teicholz, Paul. (1994). TR099: IRTMM Value Analysis Module. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at:


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