Screening for Breakthroughs

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We identify a new dynamic agency problem: that of incentivising the prompt disclosure of productive information. To study it, we introduce a general model in which a technological breakthrough occurs at an uncertain time and is privately observed by an agent, and a principal must incentivise disclosure via her control of the agent’s utility. We uncover a deadline structure of optimal mechanisms: they have a simple deadline form in an important special case, and a graduated deadline structure in general. We apply our results to the design of unemployment insurance schemes.


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Date created August 20, 2021


Author Curello, Gregorio
Author Sinander, Ludvig
Organizer of meeting Board, Simon
Organizer of meeting Cisternas, Gonzalo
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Curello, G. and Sinander, L. (2022). Screening for Breakthroughs. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at


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