Produced in Salinas: The Manifestation of Mexican Field Work Labor Disposability

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In capitalist U.S society, Mexican bodies, and Latine bodies more broadly, are dehumanized and reduced to their economic productivity, specifically in the context of agricultural work. Human beings are both consciously and unconsciously viewed as interchangeable parts of a production system. Latine individuals make up 92% of the field working population, 72% of whom are undocumented, and the vast majority are of Mexican descent (CRE, 2013). These racialized bodies are exploited for their labor and are not properly compensated due to their limited legal protection. While this phenomenon affects Latine individuals, I will focus on its construction and manifestation among Mexican descent individuals.


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Date created December 8, 2022
Publication date April 13, 2023; April 13, 2023


Author Isarraras, Virginia


Subject Labor
Subject Exploitation
Subject Agricultural laborers
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Isarraras, V. (2023). Produced in Salinas: The Manifestation of Mexican Field Work Labor Disposability . Stanford Digital Repository. Available at


Stanford University, Program in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, Senior Papers

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