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In recent years mobile devices have truly taken the stage as the dominant computing modality. The transition to mobile has brought about new opportunities to innovate but also new risks to user privacy and system security. This thesis investigates computer security concepts and techniques in the context of mobile computing. How can we implement traditional security measures such as Address Space Layout Randomization in a mobile environment? How does the use of mobile devices impact password management? Do the myriad sensors in modern smartphones have privacy implications? The work presented here was carried out over several years, weaving together traditional security concepts that could be carried over from the PC world, and novel challenges and solutions unique to mobile devices. The field is still evolving: we are certain to see exciting new developments soon, some of them I hope inspired by findings in the use of sensors or perhaps cloud-based threat detection and response discussed here.


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Publication date 2013
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Associated with Bojinov, Hristo
Associated with Stanford University, Department of Computer Science.
Primary advisor Boneh, Dan
Thesis advisor Boneh, Dan
Thesis advisor Lam, Monica S
Thesis advisor Mitchell, John
Advisor Lam, Monica S
Advisor Mitchell, John


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Statement of responsibility Hristo Bojinov.
Note Submitted to the Department of Computer Science.
Thesis Ph.D. Stanford University 2013
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