Estimation of Adsorption Parameters from Experimental Data

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In this study, pressure transient tests in a steam filled core were carried out. Eight different rock samples were tested and the adsorption isotherm parameters were estimated by using nonlinear regression. Good matches to the pressure transient curves were obtained and from them the adsorption isotherm parameters were inferred. Preliminary results show that the nonlinear regression method can be applied to adsorption related geothermal reservoir studies. It was also, found that differences in reservoir permeability and porosity did not affect the characteristic shape of the isotherm curves derived by using this estimation procedure.


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Date created May 1993


Author Qi, Ming
Primary advisor Horne, Roland N.
Degree granting institution Stanford University, Department of Petroleum Engineering


Subject School of Earth Energy & Environmental Sciences
Genre Thesis

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Master's Theses, Doerr School of Sustainability

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