Electron correlation effects in attosecond photoionization of carbon dioxide

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State-resolved measurements of the attosecond scale photoionization time delays are presented for carbon dioxide. Calculations are performed and compared to the experimental data. The comparison of theory to experiment demonstrates the effect of multi-electron dynamics on the attosecond time scale. Electron correlations are shown to affect the photoionization time delays through two unique physical phenomena: Autoionizing Rydberg states and shape resonances.


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Author Kamalov, Andrei
Degree supervisor Bucksbaum, Philip H
Thesis advisor Bucksbaum, Philip H
Thesis advisor Cryan, James
Thesis advisor Reis, David A, 1970-
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Degree committee member Reis, David A, 1970-
Associated with Stanford University, Department of Physics.


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Thesis Thesis Ph.D. Stanford University 2019.
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