Global Human Rights in Domestic Movements: The American Queer Liberation Movement and LGBTQ Rights as “Human Rights”



For her capstone project, Natalie Adams-Menendez studied the ways in which the American LGBT Rights Movement for queer liberation was and continues to be influenced by the Global Human Rights Movement, as well as the manner in which the concept of “human rights” has become integral to modern queer rights advocacy. Her research included reviewing scholarly articles, examining current advocacy organizations, exploring historically queer neighborhoods of San Francisco and Washington, D.C., and attending community protests and events. Through her findings, Natalie aims to untangle the past and present of the American LGBTQ Rights Movement and gain critical knowledge about the future and potential of its relationship with the Global Human Rights Movement. She hopes this insight will serve as the foundation for her post-graduate career work towards advocating LGBTQ rights as human rights, both domestically and abroad.

Student project deposited by department for archival purposes. Original work unavailable for public download due to permission restriction preferences of the author.


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Date created August 2022
Publication date August 25, 2022


Author Adams-Menendez, Natalie


Subject LGBTQ Rights
Subject Global human rights
Subject Civil rights movements
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