N2.01 (formerly N3.1) Lee 2014 ReNUWIt Annual Meeting Poster

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Managed aquifer recharge and recovery (MAR) utilizes aquifer storage to improve the quality and reliability of a water supply system. It is an attractive alternative in areas where surface storage options are unavailable/unappealing. MAR also enhances the public acceptance of impaired water sources (like reclaimed water or stormwater) for potable supply. However, the management of such systems is fraught with technical challenges that may impair performance. The aim of this project is to develop technologies for the optimal real-time operation of MAR systems for potable and non-potable reuse using system approaches that combine sensor technologies and simulation models.


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Date created May 2014


Author Lee, Jonghyun
Author Drumheller, Zachary
Author Regnery, Julia
Author Schulte, Paul
Author Mawer, Chloe
Author Smits, Kathleen
Author Knight, Rosemary
Author Illangasekare, Tissa
Author Kitanidis, Peter


Subject Re-inventing the Nation’s Urban Water Infrastructure
Subject ReNUWIt
Subject N2.01
Subject Natural Water Infrastructure Systems
Subject Smart managed aquifer recharge technologies (SMART)
Subject California
Subject Prairie Waters

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Lee, J., Drumheller, Z., Regnery, J., Schulte, P., Mawer, C., Smits, K. M., Knight, R., Illangasekare, T. H., & Kitanidis, P. K. (2014). N2.01 (formerly N3.1) Lee 2014 ReNUWIt Annual Meeting Poster. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at: https://purl.stanford.edu/gw263vd1494


Re-inventing the Nation's Urban Water Infrastructure (ReNUWIt)

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