Data from: "Hydrographic data from the area of the Monterey submarine canyon, 1951-1955 : Final report, July 30, 1964"

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[draft] This dataset contains oceanographic data extracted from the report, "Hydrographic data from the area of the Monterey submarine canyon, 1951-1955," by Rolf Bolin and collaborators. The dataset is comprised of oceanographic observations collected at one station in Monterey Bay, California, USA, at approximately weekly intervals from January 1951 through December 1954. Variables measured include temperature, salinity, oxygen, phosphorous and silicate at depths from the surface to 1000 meters. The original research was supported by Office of Naval Research Contract N6Onr-25127 and National Science Foundation Contracts NSFG 911, NSDFG 1780. The report was scanned at 400 dpi, and imported to ABBYY FineReader for transcription. All of the data tables were reviewed for accuracy before being exported as CSV files and then concatenated via an R script.

This is the summary from the report: "In an attempt to establish correlations between variations in the abundance of certain marine organisms and fluctuations in hydrographic variables, a program was initiated late in 1950 that involved periodic sampling of water and plankton from the surface to depths of 1000 meters. A location was selected at 36° 42’ N. Lat., 122° 02' W. Long., directly over the center of the Monterey Submarine Canyon at a point where the water is approximately 900 fathoms deep and the 500-fathom contour lies about a mile toward the southeast and a greater distance toward the north. It was believed that such a location would provide a good approximation of open-water conditions. This station was occupied at weekly intervals for a period of five years, except when foul weather or mechanical break­ downs dictated delays or cancellations of cruises. The physico-chemical variables of temperature, salinity, oxygen, silicate and phosphate were determined at intervals from the surface to a depth of 1000 meters for the first two years of the program, and to 900 meters subsequently when the loss of some of the hydrographic wire necessitated limiting the depth of the casts. This report presents the hydrographic data."


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Publication date July 23, 2023


Author Whitmire, Amanda ORCiD icon (unverified)
Author Pagniello, Camille ORCiD icon (unverified)
Author Tabbarah, Melissa


Subject Ocean temperature
Subject Ocean salinity
Subject Pacific Ocean > Monterey Bay
Subject Ocean time-series
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Whitmire, A., Pagniello, C., and Tabbarah, M. (2023). Data from: "Hydrographic data from the area of the Monterey submarine canyon, 1951-1955 : Final report, July 30, 1964". Stanford Digital Repository. Available at


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