Quantum groups and the Yang-Baxter equation

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In this thesis we will present a series of reconstruction results for Hopf algebras due to Saavedra-Rivano, Majid and Ulbrich. We will then apply them to solutions of the non-parametrized Yang-Baxter equation and recover the FRT construction, due to Faddeev, Reshetikhin and Takhtajan. The novel part is the application of the reconstruction theorem to a parametrized solution of the Yang-Baxter equation to develop a parametrized FRT construction. We apply this construction to the parametrized solution of the Yang-Baxter equation corresponding to the quantum group $U_q(\widehat{\mathfrak{sl}_2})$ and to another solution with parameter group $GL(2, \mathbb{C}) \times GL(1, \mathbb{C})$ that doesn't come from any known quantum group and build two new quantum groups. We study the representation theory of the newly built objects.


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Associated with Stanford University, Department of Mathematics.
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Advisor Venkatesh, Akshay, 1981-
Advisor Yun, Zhiwei, 1982-


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Statement of responsibility Valentin Buciumas.
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Thesis Thesis (Ph.D.)--Stanford University, 2016.
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