Jamieson O'Marr's NSC Portfolio

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This document is an archive of an electronic portfolio (ePortfolio) produced as a capstone requirement for the Notation in Science Communication. In their ePortfolios, NSC students demonstrate how they have met the NSC learning outcomes. These learning portfolios detail students’ growth and development as scientists and science communicators rather than showcasing only their best work. ePortfolios are reviewed and approved by faculty, earning students a special designation on their official Stanford transcript that reflects their science communication acumen.


Type of resource text
Date created [ca. June 2018]


Author O'Marr, Jamieson Michael
Advisor Hadly, Elizabeth
Advisor Carpenter, Russ


Subject Science Communication
Subject Biology
Genre Student project report

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O'Marr, Jamieson Michael and Hadly, Elizabeth and Carpenter, Russ. (June). Jamieson O'Marr's NSC Portfolio. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at: https://purl.stanford.edu/fv675yx5851


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