Security Update Error: The Growing Issue of Human Trafficking in Japan

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This discourse provides an overview of human trafficking in Japan and illustrates how digital technologies have transformed the practice worldwide. Due to Japan's enormous entertainment industry, unique relationship with the yakuza, and heavily un-surveilled migration work programs, the country's human trafficking problem is growing. At the same time, digital technologies continue to reshape the way in which the practice is conducted. This analysis assesses the presence of human trafficking in Japan and describes how the country's legal framework inadequately addresses the issue. It also recommends ways the Japanese government can improve its efforts at combating the practice.


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Date created June 2018


Author Faucher, Grégoire
Primary advisor Armacost, Michael
Degree granting institution Stanford University, Stanford Global Studies, Center for East Asian Studies


Subject Stanford University
Subject Center for East Asian Studies
Subject Stanford Global Studies
Subject East Asian Studies
Subject Human Trafficking
Subject Transnational Crime
Subject Japan
Subject Digital Technology
Genre Thesis

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