Effects of preferential primary consumer fishing on lower trophic level herbivores in the Line Islands

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In this study we document the biomass of Parrotfish and Surgeonfish in Christmas Island, Fanning Island, and Palmyra Atoll. The three islands exhibit a gradient of fishing pressure, which results in varying levels of apex predators affecting the biomass of herbivores. At three sites with comparable conditions between the islands, we identified species’ and estimated fish size in order to determine a biomass density. We also observed the feeding rates of the most common herbivore fish species at each island to establish the grazing rate. We observed very high herbivore biomass at Palmyra and correspondingly high grazing rates which bring about questions of what exactly is the connection between these herbivores and the health of the reef. This question, in turn, must be considered for future management of reefs.


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Date created June 9, 2005


Author Egan, Logan Zane
Author Téllez, Jesús Javier


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Egan, Logan Zane; Téllez, Jesús Javier. 2005. Effects of preferential primary consumer fishing on lower trophic level herbivores in the Line Islands. Unpublished Student Work, S-199, Stanford@SEA, Stanford Digital Repository. https://purl.stanford.edu/dk711xt5587.


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