Three essays on organizational politics, search, and learning

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My dissertation consists of three papers that develop new theory at the nexus of organizational politics and organization learning. Each paper attempts to integrate the disparate approaches to group decision-making in organizational theory and political economics. The first paper examines how preference conflict in organizations impacts the likelihood that organizations will learn about the performance of existing policies prior to making changes to organizational strategy. The second paper looks at how career concerns of managers inside of organizations impact the character and informativeness of offline experimentation. The third paper uses existing theory on delegation and informational influence in political economics to better understand how social movements utilize policy expertise to get access to the political process.


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Associated with Stanford University, Graduate School of Business.
Primary advisor Barnett, William P
Primary advisor Ferguson, John-Paul
Thesis advisor Barnett, William P
Thesis advisor Ferguson, John-Paul
Thesis advisor Callander, Steven
Advisor Callander, Steven


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Statement of responsibility Scott Cohn Ganz.
Note Submitted to the Graduate School of Business.
Thesis Thesis (Ph.D.)--Stanford University, 2016.
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