Hella - Use Cases for a Solid-Borne Vibration Sensor

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Piezo technology is one of those smart materials that will be relevant for a wide range of industries in the near future. In general, it is possible to divide piezo technology into 5 different application areas. These correspond to placing & positioning, measuring & inspection, materials treatment, power supply, and vibration applications. HELLA has now developed SHAKE which is a piezo- based device to measure structure-borne vibrations. Since HELLA is mainly producing parts for the automotive market the first applications, they have used the SHAKE technology in, are surface vibration detections for cars.
To widen the range of potential applications for SHAKE HELLA started the design challenge: Find potential viable use cases for the short, mid and long-term to improve safety, the environment and comfort from a holistic, strategic view on the different applications. with us.


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Date created 2018


Author Hu, Zhongnan
Author Chandra, Siddhant
Author Vickraman, Karthik
Author Zhou, Zixuan
Author Hahn, David
Author Paul, Fabian
Author Zarnbach, Maik
Author Bransden, Corey
Author Bunawan, Sherlyta
Author Donaldson, Tom
Advisor Kanning, Bastian
Advisor Cutkosky, Mark
Advisor Toye, George
Advisor Purcareata, Loria
Advisor Leifer, Larry
Sponsor HELLA group


Subject Product design
Subject Mechanical engineering
Subject PVDF
Subject Car-sharing Industry
Genre Student project report

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Hu, Zhongnan; Chandra, Siddhant ; Vickraman, Karthik; Zhou, Zixuan; Hahn, David; Paul, Fabian; Zarnbach, Maik; Bransden, Corey ; Bunawan, Sherlyta ; and Donaldson, Tom . (2018). Hella - Use Cases for a Solid-Borne Vibration Sensor. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at: https://purl.stanford.edu/dc887wj7942


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