Microfoundations and measurement for ambiguity in communication with application to social networks

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Extant research often models ambiguity — that one object can have multiple interpretations — as "noise" or "optional" (e.g. McMahan and Evans 2018, Reagans and Zuckerman 2008). This stance is in tension with evidence that ambiguity is common, exists to varying degrees, and is consequential. Ambiguity is therefore better thought of as "more or less" rather than "yes or no". Predictably, literatures that seek to bracket ambiguity find themselves without the analytical tools to specify core theoretical claims and devise measurement strategies. This dissertation works towards taking ambiguity seriously by introducing microfoundations for its analytical specification and a measurement strategy at the level of the word. To demonstrate the benefits and broader ramifications of this orientation, these theoretical and methodological tools are applied to the "brokerage" literature (Burt 1982) to surface, clarify, and resolve a long-standing contradiction: do brokers merely transmit or actively translate?.


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