On higher q, t-Catalan numbers

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The purpose of this thesis is two-fold: to give a self-contained evaluation of the symmetric function version of higher $q, t$-Catalan numbers $SC_n^{(m)}(q, t) = \langle \nabla^m e_n, e_n \rangle$ as a summation of rational functions of $q$ and $t$ indexed by partitions, and to prove the conjecture that the combinatorial version $WC_n^{(m)}(q, t)$ and the symmetric function version $SC_n^{(m)}(q, t)$ of higher $q, t$-Catalan numbers are equivalent for $n$ up to 6, thus strengthening a result of Lee, Li, and Loehr (see~\cite[Section 5]{LLL14}) which shows the equivalence for $n$ up to 4.


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Advisor Yun, Zhiwei, 1982-


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Thesis Thesis (Ph.D.)--Stanford University, 2014.
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