Implementation of a Network-Based Approach in an Object-Oriented Reservoir Simulator

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In this work, the reservoir, wells and surface facilities are represented by a network of nodes and connections. The nodes are either reservoir nodes, well nodes or surface facility nodes. There is a connection between two nodes if the reservoir fluid flows from one node to another. A connection characterizes the resistance to ow of the medium between two nodes. The derivation of this resistance is the only computation that varies from one connection to another. Hence, the algorithm to compute the connections can be standardized.Object oriented programming (C++) is used to take advantage of this standardization. Objects are used to represent various types of nodes and connections. They are the building blocks of the simulator. Maintenance and expansion of the code reduces to defining new objects, and does not alter existing objects. The numerical simulator written in this work, known as SPARTA, handles the generalized Black-Oil Model, Peaceman's model for wells, and a simple design of the surface facilities. The design of the code will greatly facilitate the simulation of compositional effects or include more complicated surface facilities.


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Date created May 1996


Author Nogaret, Christophe
Primary advisor Aziz, Khalid
Degree granting institution Stanford University, Department of Petroleum Engineering


Subject School of Earth Energy & Environmental Sciences
Genre Thesis

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Nogaret, Christophe. (1996). Implementation of a Network-Based Approach in an Object-Oriented Reservoir Simulator. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at:


Master's Theses, Doerr School of Sustainability

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