Advance - Enabling the Future of Construction

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Future construction sites will be autonomous and electric. Current site infrastructure is not flexible enough to manage the transition towards this future. We introduce Advance, a versatile system that attends to the various needs of the future construction site. Centered around a primary transport machine, the system is capable of distributing customized modules that enable on-demand energy, dynamic communication networks, and so much more. With Advance, the possibilities are endless.


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Date created 2018


Author Perez, Salvador
Author Perez, Christopher
Author Helms, Elliot O'Neill
Author Karlsson, Jennie
Author Knutsson, Simon
Author Baraslievska, Natalia
Author Larmark, Daniel
Advisor Eflsburg, Jenny
Advisor Frank, Martin
Advisor Bushnell, Tyler
Advisor Ruvalt, Ryan
Sponsor Volvo CE


Subject Autonomous
Subject Electric
Subject Construction
Subject Volvo CE
Subject Network
Subject Energy
Genre Student project report

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Perez, Salvador; Perez, Christopher; Helms, Elliot O'Neal; Karlsson, Jennie; Knutsson, Simon; Baraslievska, Natalia; and Larmark, Daniel. (2018). Advance - Enabling the Future of Construction. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at:


ME310 Project Based Engineering Design

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