Combinatorially generated oligodeoxyfluorosides as metal cation sensors

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Despite numerous advances in metal ion sensor design, it is still difficult, slow and laborious to rationally design, synthesize and optimize selective sensors for each individual metal ion for a wide variety of metal cations. In order to develop an approach to rapidly generate sensors for many different metal cations, a new molecular sensor design strategy based on DNA-like oligomers (oligodeoxyfluorosides or ODFs) was investigated. The ODF-based design incorporates fluorophores and metal ligands onto the DNA backbone, allowing the binding and reporting moieties to interact intimately by bringing them into direct contact by pi-pi stacking, analogous to the stacking of DNA bases. The highly modular molecular design allows for water solubility and enables rapid synthesis and discovery of sensors from combinatorial libraries. Using the ODF-based sensor design and a combinatorial library approach, a wide variety of metal ion sensors were discovered for many different metal cations. A selective ODF sensor for silver ions that functions similarly to the more classical type of metal ion sensors was discovered employing this approach. In addition, ODF sensors that have diverse responses (such as fluorescence enhancement, quenching, and blue- and red-shifts) for a number of different metal cations were also discovered utilizing this sensor design strategy. Five water-soluble ODF sensors were identified to exhibit responses beyond simple fluorescence quenching to eight typically quenching metal cations. The diversity of sensor responses enable as few as two ODF sensors to be utilized to successfully differentiate all eight metal cations based on the response pattern of the sensors. The modular nature of this sensor design strategy suggests a broadly applicable approach to finding sensors for many different cations, simply by varying the sequence and composition of ligands and fluorophores using a DNA synthesizer.


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