Joint inversion of reflectivity and background subsurface components

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Reverse-time migration constituted the ultimate solution for imaging geologically complex areas. Nowadays, it represents the main engine behind sophisticated imaging techniques, such as linearized waveform inversion, migration velocity analysis, and full-waveform inversion. The latter is arguably the most ambitious attempt to obtain a complete and accurate picture of the subsurface. Unfortunately, it is vulnerable to cycle-skipping. Strategies to attack this problem include better acquisition, data processing, and different implementations of the full-waveform inversion algorithm. In this thesis, I propose a joint inversion of the subsurface reflectivity and the subsurface background component as different parameter sets, rather than being combined as in full-waveform inversion. During the early stages of my research, I posed the problem as a linear optimization problem. However, this approach does not have the expected properties. A nonlinear scheme corrected the problem. I test the method in synthetic 2D data and a 3D ocean-bottom node dataset from the Gulf of Mexico.


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Author Cabrales Vargas, Alejandro
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Thesis advisor Clapp, Robert G. (Robert Graham)
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Statement of responsibility Alejandro Cabrales Vargas.
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Thesis Thesis Ph.D. Stanford University 2020.
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