The Spaniards Who Built America’s Cigar City: The Immigrant Community of Tampa, Florida (1886-1939)

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In the early twentieth century, Tampa, FL was home to a large Spanish, Cuban, and Italian immigrant population who primarily worked in the booming cigar industry. This thesis is a study of Spanish immigration to Tampa, Florida and the Spanish community there in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It examines which regions of Spain these immigrants came from and why they settled in Tampa. It also analyzes the extent to which Spanish nationalism characterized the Spanish community in Tampa, especially through an examination of the Spanish mutual aid societies and the labor relations in Tampa’s cigar industry.


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Date created May 3, 2021


Author Mueller, Hannah
Degree granting institution Stanford University, Department of History
Primary advisor Frank, Zephyr
Advisor Wolfe, Mikael


Subject Department of History
Subject Spain
Subject Spanish immigration
Subject Tampa
Subject Florida
Subject cigar industry
Genre Thesis

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Mueller, Hannah. (2021). The Spaniards Who Built America’s Cigar City: The Immigrant Community of Tampa, Florida (1886-1939). Stanford Digital Repository. Available at:


Undergraduate Honors Theses, Department of History, Stanford University

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