Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 217: Peter the Chanter, Libellus de contrarietatibus Sacrae Scripturae. William de Montibus, Speculum poenitentis. Pictor in carmine. Miscellaneous Exegetical Tracts

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CCCC MS 217 is a thirteenth-century miscellany containing sermons, exegetical texts, a partial copy of the Pictor in carmine, and works by Peter the Chanter (d. 1197), Bede, William de Montibus (d. 1213), Geoffrey de Vinsauf (d. after 1200), Tria sunt (Documentum de arte uersificandi), Petrus Riga (d. 1209), Aurora, and Alexander Nequam OSA (1157-1217), Corrogationes Promethei. Of particular note, the copy of William de Montibus, Speculum poenitentis, is an early and reliable one in terms of that work's textual history. There is a much better version of the text of Pictor in carmine in CCCC MS 300. The unusual binding of this manuscript, being of velvet, is characteristic of the ‘Old Royal’ library of Henry VIII. As a result of the fragility of this binding it has only been possible to image the exterior and interior of the covers and part of the text pages, ff. 1r-21r, 25r, 209r.
Libellus de contrarietatibus Sacrae Scripturae -- De schematibus et tropis -- Expositions on parts of the Old and New Testament -- Sermons and lectures -- Exposition on the Psalms -- Sermons and expositions on the Old and New Testament -- Speculum poenitentis -- Sermons -- Tropi -- Numerale -- Tria sunt (Documentum de arte versificandi) -- Pictor in carmine -- AuroraIn Tobiam paraphrasis metrica -- Tract on the Holy Scripture -- Corrogationes Promethei


Alternative title Petrus Cantor. W. de Montibus. Pictor in Carmine
Type of resource mixed material
Extent ff. 374
Date created [ca. 1200 - 1299]
Language Latin; French, Middle (ca. 1400-1600)
Material Vellum
Layout double and single columns
Height (mm) 253
Width (mm) 180
Collation 1(8) (1 stuck to cover) 2(4) 3(8) 4(4) 5(8) 6(6) 7(10) 8(8)-10(8) (+ slip) 11(8)-13(8) 14(10) 15(8) 16(4) 17(12)-19(12) 20(8) 21(8) (wants 7, 8) 22(10) 23(14) 24(12) 25(14) 26(8) 27(12)-29(12) 30(8) (wants 8) 31(12)-38(12) (11 stuck to cover, wants 12).
Writing in many hands of cent. xiii, mostly small and pointed
Foliation ff. 1-31 + 32a + 32-37 + 37a + 38-64 + 65a + 65-364. Partially imaged: front cover exterior and interior + ff. 1r-21r + 25r + 209r + back cover exterior and interior
Provenance From Worcester; inside the cover is written (f. 1v): Liber monasterii Wygornie.
Additions Old binding, velvet (brown-green) over boards: two clasps. Label under horn on front cover: Tractatus de contrarietatibus Scripture cum aliis opusculis plurimis (xvi). This binding is uniform with that of MS 87 and of Trin. Coll. B. 4. 24.

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M.R. James Date xiii
Downloadable James Catalogue Record
Superseded Interim Catalogue Record
TJames 371
Stanley Lib. ab Al. 1
Location MS 217
Repository UK, Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, Parker Library

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