Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 001: Garnerius of Saint-Victor OSA, Tabulae on Gregory the Great, Moralia in Job et al

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This manuscript is an English manuscript dating from c. 1425-50 containing tables on, and excerpts from, the works of Gregory the Great. The manuscript also contains a copy of the Liber Gregorianus of Garnerius of Saint-Victor OSA (d. 1170), and other works pertaining to Gregory's writings. CCCC MS 1 is finely decorated with a large number of initials and borders in a typical English style. James noted a similarity in appearance between this manuscript and CCCC MS 73.
Tabula on Gregory the Great, Moralia -- Tabula on Gregory the Great, Homiliae in Euangelia -- Tabula on the works of Gregory the Great -- Liber Gregorianum -- Reclinatorium animae -- Compendium Iob uel speculum -- Miscellaneous extracts


Alternative title Tabulae Super Gregorium, etc.
Extent ff. 287
Date created [ca. 1400 - 1499]
Language Latin
Material Vellum
Layout double and triple columns of 75 lines
Height (mm) 552
Width (mm) 395
Collation 1(8)-9(8) (wants 5, 7, 8) | 10(6) (wants 4-6) | 11(8)-16(8) (wants 6-8) | 17(8)-22(8) 23(6) (wants 6) 24(8) 25(10) 26(8)-29(8) (wants 2, 8) 30(8)-37(8) 38(?8) (wants 6-8).
Writing very well written and ornamented. English work
Foliation ff. i-ii + 1-287 + iii-iv
Provenance I can discover in the book no hint of its monastic provenance. The upper R. corner of ff. 1r-2v is mutilated: probably the press-mark was there.
Additions The ornament of the volume consists of a large number of very fine initials and borders - the latter of the feathered work so characteristic of English xvth century books. The one figured initial is on f. 171r.
2 fo. D. a flagello

Bibliographic information

M.R. James Date xv
Downloadable James Catalogue Record
Superseded Interim Catalogue Record
TJames 355
Stanley Under C. 1
Location MS 001
Repository UK, Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, Parker Library

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