Tōa yochizu -- 東亞輿地圖

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Type of resource cartographic
Form cartographic material; map
Extent maps : col. ; 34 x 48 cm. on sheets 51 x 57 cm. or smaller.
Place [Tokyo]
Place [Tokyo]
Place Japan
Publisher Dai Nihon Teikoku Rikuchi Sokuryōbu, 大日本帝國陸地測量部
Publication date Meiji 29 [1896]-; 明治29 [1896]-; 1896 -
Issuance monographic
Language Japanese
Map data Scale 1:1,000,000 ; E 50°--E 160°/N 60°--N 20°


Associated with Japan, Rikuchi Sokuryōbu
Associated with Japan, 陸地測量部


Subject Asia > Maps
Subject East Asia > Maps
Genre Map
Genre Government publication

Bibliographic information

Note Relief shown by shading.
Note Each sheet includes index to adjoining sheets.
Note Title sheet includes legend.
Note Various issues of some sheets.
Note Covers Mongolia, China (Tibet not included), Russia, Central Asia.
Note Some sheets are 1947 reprints by Kyodo Printing Co. Ltd.
Note In Japanese.
Statement of responsibility Dai Nihon Teikoku Rikuchi Sokuryōbu.
Statement of responsibility 大日本帝國陸地測量部.
Note map set contains edition of "Karisei-ban"
Note map set contains edition of "假製版"
Note Chosakuken shoyū insatsu ken hakkōsha Dai Nihon Teikoku Rikuchi Sokuryōbu
Note "著作権所有印刷兼發行者 大日本帝國 陸地測量部"
Location https://purl.stanford.edu/sk203jd4299
Location http://stanford.maps.arcgis.com/apps/SimpleViewer/index.html?appid=fd3aee95f04342aa9fa77c344d2dac7f

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