A Topographical & Complete Map of San Francisco. Compiled from the Original Map, from the recent Surveys of W.M. Eddy, County Surveyor, and Others (Raster Image)

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This layer is a georeferenced image of a map of an important early map of San Francisco during the early days of the gold rush.
This project traces the history of urban planning in San Francisco, placing special emphasis on unrealized schemes. Rather than using visual material simply to illustrate outcomes, Imagined San Francisco uses historical plans, maps, architectural renderings, and photographs to show what might have been. By enabling users to layer a series of urban plans, the project presents the city not only as a sequence of material changes, but also as a contingent process and a battleground for political power. Savvy institutional actors--like banks, developers, and many public officials--understood that in some cases to clearly articulate their interests would be to invite challenges. That means that textual sources like newspapers and municipal reports are limited in what they can tell researchers about the shape of political power. Urban plans, however, often speak volumes about interests and dynamics upon which textual sources remain silent. Mortgage lenders, for example, apparently thought it unwise to state that they wished to see a poor neighborhood cleared, to be replaced with a freeway onramp. Yet visual analysis of planning proposals makes that interest plain. So in the process of showing how the city might have looked, Imagined San Francisco also shows how political power actually was negotiated and exercised.


Type of resource cartographic, software, multimedia
Form Raster Dataset
Publisher Stanford University. Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis
Publication date 2019
Language English
Digital origin born digital
Map data Scale not given. ; Custom projection W 122°27ʹ1ʺ--W 122°22ʹ48ʺ/N 37°48ʹ47ʺ--N 37°45ʹ45ʺW 122°26ʹ29ʺ--W 122°22ʹ48ʺ/N 37°48ʹ49ʺ--N 37°45ʹ50ʺ, Scale not given ; EPSG::4326


Creator Eddy, William Marston


Subject Topographic maps
Subject San Francisco (Calif.)
Subject 1852
Subject Imagery and Base Maps
Genre Geospatial data
Genre Cartographic dataset

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WGS84 Cartographics This layer is presented in the WGS84 coordinate system for web display purposes. Downloadable data are provided in native coordinate system or projection.
Location https://purl.stanford.edu/pt741vq0927

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Preferred citation

Preferred citation
Eddy, William Marston. (2019). A Topographical & Complete Map of San Francisco. Compiled from the Original Map, from the recent Surveys of W.M. Eddy, County Surveyor, and Others. (Raster Image). Stanford University. Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis. Available at: http://purl.stanford.edu/pt741vq0927


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