Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 107: Seneca, Tragedies. François de Meyronnes OFM, De indulgentiis. Miscellaneous Texts

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CCCC MS 107 is a miscellany written c. 1500, but containing one thirteenth-century quire (ff. 169-76) bound in at the end. The texts contained in the volume are diverse with no apparent thematic unity. Among them are Seneca's tragedies, Hercules furens, Thyestes and Octavia, François de Meyronnes OFM (d. after 1328), De indulgentiis and other works, an extract from Walter Map (c. 1140-1210), De nugis curialium, extracts from Petrus Riga (d. 1209), Aurora (this is in the thirteenth-century section) and John Duns Scotus OFM (d. 1308), De perfectione statuum. The reason why the commissioner of the manuscript wanted such an unusual collection of texts is a mystery. The annotations by Matthew Parker in various parts of the book suggest that the thirteenth-century part was bound together with the c. 1500 part when the manuscripts came into his collection.
Epistola Valerii ad Rufinum ne ducat uxorem (De nugis curialium, dist. 4, 3-5) -- Hercules furens -- Thyestes -- Octavia praetexta -- De indulgentiis -- De conceptu uirginali -- De dominio apostolorum -- De perfectione statuum -- Epistola ad Colonienses -- Epistola 131 -- Bull, Et si animarum affectantes -- De XII abusiuis saeculi (De duodecim abusionum gradibus) -- De diuersis quaestionibus LXXXIII, book 1 -- De doctrina christiana -- Epitaph of Seneca -- Epistulae morales (1-20) -- Verses on Biblical subjects -- Excerpta patrum -- Tractatus de vanitate mundi -- Verses -- Sermons -- Notes from Register and Statute Book of Cambridge University 1488-1544


Alternative title Senecae Tragoediae Quaedam. Fr. de Maronis. Miscellanea
Type of resource mixed material
Extent ff. 1 + 157 + 2
Date created [ca. 1475 - 1525]
Language Latin
Material Paper and vellum
Layout mostly 37 lines to a page
Height (mm) 292
Width (mm) 217
Collation 1 flyleaf vellum, 1(4) 2(12) 3(12) 4(10) 5(14) 6(12) 7(12) (wants 7-12) 8(12) 9(12) 10 (seven last) 11(12)-14(12) | 15(8) (+ slip vellum) 16(2).
Writing Another hand
Foliation ff. a-b + i + 1-71 (72-76 missing) + 77-100 (101-112 missing) + 113-167 (168 missing) + 169-177 + ii-iii + c-d
Additions On the flyleaf (f. ir) a mark consisting of the letters G and R surmounted by a cross.

Bibliographic information

M.R. James Date xv late (or xvi early)
Downloadable James Catalogue Record
Superseded Interim Catalogue Record
TJames 391
Stanley Misc. S
Location MS 107
Repository UK, Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, Parker Library

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