Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 640: Antiphoner Leaf

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CCCC MS 640, a single leaf from a Spanish sixteenth-century Antiphoner, was given to the Parker Library by Andrew Johnson in 2008. The text is from First Vespers and Matins of the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost. There are large calligraphic initials tinted in pale yellow for the responsory and versicle.
Antiphoner leaf


Type of resource mixed material
Date created [ca. 1575 - 1599]
Language Latin
Material Vellum
Height (mm) 588
Width (mm) 380
Foliation f. 1
Provenance Writing and decoration Spanish. Given by Mr Andrew Johnson in 2008.
Decoration Two large calligraphic ornamental initials tinted in pale yellow.

Bibliographic information

M.R. James Date Late sixteenth century
Augmented James Record
Location MS 640
Repository UK, Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, Parker Library

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