Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 215: John Boys, Postils (Volume 2)

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CCCC MS 215 and CCCC MS 216 are the autograph manuscripts of the Postils of John Boys (1571-1625). They were originally printed in small volumes between 1609 and 1616 and then, after the author's death, they were reprinted as 'The workes of Iohn Boys Doctor in Divinitie and Deane of Canterburie' (London, 1622). MS 216 equates to pages 1-456 and MS 215 equates to pages 457-988 in this latter, complete edition. Images of the printed editions are available on Early English Books On-Line at The limp vellum bindings are extremely fragile and it has not been possible to image the text content, but the exterior binding has been photographed. The manuscripts were donated to Corpus Christi by the author's nephew Edward Boys in 1641.
Postils (Volume 2)


Alternative title John Boys, Postils
Type of resource mixed material
Extent two volumes of 400-500 leaves each
Date created [ca. 1600 - 1699]
Language English
Material Paper
Writing in the author's autograph
Height (mm) 256
Width (mm) 173
Foliation Unfoliated at present. Partially imaged: front cover exterior and back cover exterior only done
Provenance Given by Edward Boys, nephew of the author, in 1641. The donor was Fellow in 1631 and died about 1672. Dr John Boys died Dean of Canterbury in 1625.
Research This work, or one of the same nature, was printed at London in 1622 (and 1630).

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M.R. James Date xvii
Augmented James Record
Original James Record
TJames vac.
Stanley Lib. ab Al. 8
Location MS 215
Repository UK, Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, Parker Library

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