Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 448: Prosper of Aquitaine, Isidore of Seville, and others

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CCCC MS 448 is a tenth-century manuscript, probably from Worcester, with later provenance at Winchester. It illustrates the way in which Parker made use of his collections to argue some of his strongly-held beliefs. Among other texts it contains a poem from a certain Prosper to his wife; Parker identified this Prosper with a bishop of that name, and therefore took it as evidence for married bishops in the late antique or early medieval church. He had the text printed with a translation, and this is now bound into the manuscript after f. 40, where it seems to be the unique surviving copy. Parker married his wife, Margaret, before it became legal for priests to marry in England; there is a story that they had both long before vowed never to marry another. They had a happy and fruitful marriage, and Parker never recovered from her death in 1570, five years before his.
Epigrammata ex sententiis S. Augustini -- Poema coniugis ad uxorem -- Prosper his meditation with his wife -- Synonyma -- Sybilline prophecies -- Physiologus (only the lion, unicorn, and panther) -- Sententiae ex operibus S. Augustini -- Poem Ve homini illi -- Peristephanon (prologue only) -- Dittochaeon -- Septem miracula mundi


Alternative title Prosper, etc.
Type of resource mixed material
Extent ff. 2 + 40 + 20 + 63 + 1
Date created [ca. 900 CE - 999 CE]
Language Latin
Material Vellum
Layout 20 lines to a page
Height (mm) 183
Width (mm) 133
Collation a(2), 1(8)-5(8) | paper 20 ff. | 6(8)-13(8) (misbound: 8 canc.) 1 flyleaf.
Writing for the most part in a fine upright insular minuscule: very regular and beautiful
Foliation ff. a-b + i-ii + 1-40 + 40a-t + 41-103 + iii + c-d
Provenance f. ir blank: on f. iiv in a hand of cent. xiii: In hoc uolumine continentur libri isti. Epigramata prosperi. Synonima ysidori. Versus sibille. De opusculis prudencii. De septem miraculis manu factis. et liber columbani. The handwriting of this list of contents suggests Glastonbury to me, but possibly the book is from Winchester (see on the last page f. 103v).
2 fo. et aliud est

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M.R. James Date x ?
Downloadable James Catalogue Record
Superseded Interim Catalogue Record
TJames 195
Stanley N. 33
Location MS 448
Repository UK, Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, Parker Library

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