Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 343: Ralph Niger, Chronicum (Creation-1199, continued to 1224 by Ralph of Coggeshall OCist, Chronicon Anglicanum). De expugnatione Terrae Sanctae libellus. De ducibus Normannie

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CCCC MS 343 contains fourteenth-century copies of historical material of the kind that interested Parker. In this instance the texts include Ralph Niger (d. c. 1210), to whose Chronicum, covering the period from the Creation to 1199, has been added extracts from the Chronicon Anglicanum by Ralph of Coggeshall OCist (d. after 1224), and a copy of Coggeshall's Chronicon terrae sanctae et de captis a Saladino Hierosolymis. In addition, the manuscript contains a handful of other texts of a varied nature, including verses on weights and measures, a guide to playing chess, a gospel parody (Sequencia leti euuangelii secundum lucrum) and a short history of the dukes of Normandy from William I to John. The flyleaves of the volume are made up of two leaves of a late fifteenth-century abstract version of the Polychronicon by Ranulf Higden OSB (d. 1364). Nothing is known of the provenance of this manuscript.
Chronicum (Creation-1199, continued to 1224 by Ralph of Coggeshall OCist, Chronicon Anglicanum -- Chronicon terrae sanctae et de captis a Saladino Hierosolymis -- De ducibus Normannie


Alternative title Radulfus Niger, etc.
Type of resource mixed material
Extent ff. 2 + 83
Date created [ca. 1300 - 1399]
Language Latin; French, Middle (ca. 1400-1600); English, Middle (1100-1500)
Material Vellum
Layout double columns of 60 lines
Height (mm) 343
Width (mm) 247
Collation cover(2), 1(12)-7(12) (wants 12).
Writing rather roughly but clearly written
Foliation ff. a-b + i + 1-83 + ii + c-d
Additions Bound in a double leaf (ff. ir-iiv) of a handsomely written Chronicle in English (double columns of 38 lines, cent. xv) with small initials alternately in blue and gold. The first leaf (f. ir)begins in a paragraph on the death of Richard I ending: And ys buried at the brygge of Ebraunde (sc. Pons Ebraldi for Fons Ebraldi) beyonde the see., Coronation of John (f. ir): In the yere of oure lorde god M. C. iiiixx xix at Westmynester was the Coronacion of Kynge John., The other paragraphs are (f. ir): Storm of 1202. Dominican order founded. Franciscans founded. Henry III crowned. Death and burial. Storm of 1221. iv Jew in sewer at Tewkesbury, 1258. 1262. Coronation of Edward I. Death and burial. 1307. Coronation of Edward II. Death and burial. 1316. Floods and famine. 1326. Edward III. 1340. Battle of 'Sluse.' 1348. Plague. 1346. Battle of Cressy. iir 1346. Siege of Calais. 1356. Poitiers. 1361. Wind on St Maur's day. 2nd Plague. 1368. 3rd Plague. 1376. Death of Black Prince. 1377. Death of Edward III. iir 1382. Earthquake. 1377. Richard II. Coronation, death, burial. 1389. Henry IV. Coronation, death, burial. 1413. Henry V. Coronation, death, burial. 1429. Henry VI. Coronation, death, burial. 1461. Edward IV. Coronation, death, burial. How therle of Warwike toke ye kyng Edward prisoner & of his escape afterwarde & fledde into flaundres. Of his retourne ageyn in to England and made the felde at ... (end of iiv)., The text of f. 1r and part of col. 1 of 1v is crossed out. It is part of a gloss on the Epistle of Jude, not written in the strict order of the text.

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M.R. James Date xiv
Downloadable James Catalogue Record
Superseded Interim Catalogue Record
TJames 327 (1)
Stanley 9. 3
Location MS 343
Repository UK, Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, Parker Library

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