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Elder, S. A.On the mechanism of sound production in organ pipes; Fletcher, N. H Non-linear interactions in organ pipes; Nederveen, C. J Frequencies of the flute; Fletcher, N. H. Acoustic correlates of flute performance techniques; Fletcher, N. H.Jet drive mechanism in organ pipes; Fletcher, N. H.Sound production by organ flue pipes; Rauch, H. E.Jet driven musical instruments and the edge tone; Fletcher, N. H. Sound production by organ flue pipes - 2nd edition; Backus, John. The Acoustical Foundations of Music; Elder, S. S. On the edge tone contribution to pipe-coupled resonators; Fletcher, N. H. Wave propagation on an Air Jet; Elder, S. A. Edgetones vs. Pipetones; Hall, Don. Musical Acoustics, Chapter 11; Nolle A. W.Some voicing adjustments of flue organ pipes; Lyng and Lee. A differential-difference equation occurring in edge tone theory; Phelan, James. The complete guide to the flute; Keefe, D. H.Acoustical streaming and tone hole interaction; Nolle, A. W. Adjustments affecting the steady waveform of flue organ pipes; Thwaites, S. The turbulent jet in organ flue pipes; Keefe, D. H.Woodwind air column models; Elder S. A.On the theory of resonant cavity excitation by an unstable source; Valeriu, I.Time domain simulation and linear analysis of organ pipes; Verge, M. P. Jet formation and jet velocity fluctuations in a flue organ pipe; Fagan, E. Whistles; Verge, M. P. Jet oscillations and jet drive in recorder-like instruments; Wilson et al. Input response of cylindrical and conical bores; Fletcher, N. H. Paper on flute; Fabre, B. et al. Vortex shedding; Adachi et al. Time domain simulations of sound production in an organ pipe; Yoshikawa, S. A pictorial insight into organ pipe physics; Verge et al. Sound production in flute-like instruments; Nolle, A.W.Sinuous instability of a planar air jet; Yoshikawa, S. Jet wave amplification in organ pipes; Hopkin, Bart. Musical instrument design.


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