Black notebook: [Charlie goose lamp, notes and sketches]

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Reflections on: eidetic memory, sketches for lamp, understanding manufacturing, production and copyright issues, Zodiac designs, steps in creating etched prints. Provenance includes: Page 2, post-it note titled 77 Charlie; Page 3 dated Oct 29.77, materials, light, phenomenon; Page 4, 2# light-image; Page 5, 3# light; Page 7 dated April 23, 1978 , Idea-Charlie (goose-neck lamps, water Base Clay); Page 17, What do I want? Page 19 dated 7/26/79, Marketing Ideas; Page 22 dated 7/12/79, Function as Agent. Conduit; Page 23, Swanson; Page 24 dated July 19, 1st Meeting: Swanson's, Paul & Me; Page 25 dated July 20, made my 1st mistake...; Page 28, design, Zodiac; Page 36, recto and verso sides of 7 inserts, 1 folded; Page 58, recto and verso of 1 insert, B.A.T. workshop/Artist's Proof Graphics Workshop; Page 62 dated Oct 24-Nov 22, scorpions; Page 64 dated 8/25/79, Charles, phase II; Page 107, Celtic myth & legend in...; Page 110, F. [Charbronnel], Noir Taille Douce...; Page 112, cover edges-let day; Page 114 dated 10/9/79, 1st... zinc-plate; Page 117 dated 11/15/77, BA[L]A - copyright; Page 119 dated Oct 24.1977, Oct 23rd received copy of Dai Lu manuscript. See also:


Type of resource mixed material
Form Notebooks
Extent 1 bound volume, 99 double-spread pages, 21.59 x 26.67 cm; 8 single-page inserts, mixed sizes
Date created [ca. October 24, 1977 - 1979-10-29]
Language English
Digital origin reformatted digital


Creator Bing, Bernice, 1936-1998


Subject Asian American artists
Subject Asian American women artists
Subject Lesbian artists
Subject Artists
Subject Decorative arts
Subject Etching
Subject Entrepreneurship
Subject Chinese American artists
Genre Notebooks
Genre Diaries
Genre Art
Genre Pen and ink drawings

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Note Untitled bound black sketchbook consisting of: 1 purple post-it note; 60 double-pages of handwritten text and/or sketches (includes 3 duplicate double-pages showing insert locations); 8 sheets of inserts (recto and verso sides shown).
Note Digitized from original by Stanford Libraries.
Source ID sul:M2651_b02_f01
Location M2651
Repository Stanford University. Libraries. Department of Special Collections and University Archives

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