Kuwait 3G Mobile Coverage Explorer, 2017

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This raster dataset is a representation of the coverage area for 3G mobile communications networks in Kuwait. Mobile Coverage is released annually in January each year. This data release is named 2017. Any operator data received up to the end of the year 2016 is included in this release. The data is made available in GeoTIFF 2-BIT raster format with pre-built pyramids using nearest-neighbour resampling - with a nominal resolution of approximately 260 metres on the ground at the equator. Operators are asked to submit strong (indoor) and variable (outdoor) signal strengths: 2G (GSM) Greater than / -92 dBm -92 to -100 dBm, 3G (UMTS) Greater than -92 dBm / -92 to -100 dBm, 4G (LTE) Greater than -105 dBm / -105 to -120 dBm. However, the data received from operators often does not include signal strength information or does not follow the above guidelines. Therefore, whilst the rasters retain the strong and variable distinctions, this inconsistency must be understood by the user.The cell values in the MCE rasters are as follows: 1 - strong signal strength 2 - variable signal strength.


Type of resource cartographic, software, multimedia
Form GeoTIFF
Publisher Collins Bartholomew Ltd.
Publication date 2017
Language English
Digital origin born digital
Map data Scale not given ; EPSG::4326 E 45°--E 49°52ʹ8ʺ/N 30°54ʹ50ʺ--N 27°43ʹ45ʺ


Subject Kuwait
Subject Wireless communication systems
Subject Utilities and Communication
Subject 2017
Genre Geospatial data
Genre Cartographic dataset
Genre Dataset

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Supplemental information Operators are asked to submit strong (>= -92dBm) and variable (>= -100dBm and < 92dBm) signal strengths as part of their submissions. The data here includes both types but does not make a distinction between the two.
Location https://purl.stanford.edu/bf372px8296

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These data are licensed by Stanford Libraries and are available to Stanford University affiliates only. Affiliates are limited to current faculty, staff and students. Non affiliates seeking access should contact the publisher directly. These data may not be reproduced or used for any purpose without permission.
Copyright ownership resides with the originator.


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